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Mama Bebe Flow : 5 Tips for travelling as 2!

May went past in the blink of an eye, probably because we spent most of it out of the country!

I’ve seen travelling in your third trimester become a bit of conundrum for some- So I’m going to use this space to share my experiences. I’m obviously no expert, however this bebe bump has accompanied me to Switzerland, Spain & the Greek islands (don’t say we didn’t take you places, little one! 😉).

This is what I’ve learnt along the way through my own personal experiences:

HOSPITAL NOTES: take them with you! This might seem super obvious, however it wasn’t to me…When I was handed my book at one of my first appointments I wasn’t explained the importance of it. So when I found myself with Covid and isolating in Switzerland, I didn’t have any of my notes with me, luckily we didn’t need medical care, however if we had these would have been essential. Now off the back of that…

FIT TO FLY LETTER: At one airport I was questioned on how far along I actually was and did not have a fit to fly letter with me, most airlines allow you to fly up to 36 weeks with no letter , flustered, I panicked about having no evidence of my due date, however by having the hospital notes with me meant I had proof. For our final trip I did request a fit to fly letter from my midwife as a “just incase” measure (32-34 weeks). This gave me piece of mind, however I have now been informed that these are becoming increasingly harder to get hold of. So again, keep those trusty Hospital Notes near by.

PREGNANCY PILLOW: depending on how long you’re going away for, I would recommend budgeting for an extra hand luggage suit case and dedicating it to your pillow. If pushed for space a smaller pillow may fit your needs better, we’ve found this great value one from Asda a good substitute.

HIGH SPF: Skin in more sensitive when pregnant, this is due to the change in hormone levels, making you more susceptible to pigmentation, dark spots or burning*. Even coating yourself in factor 50 will still give you a glow, so I would even suggest making the most of shade where possible to avoid any burning (we don’t really want to make ourselves even more uncomfortable, do we?).

COMPRESSION SOCKS: Even if you haven’t noticed swelling, having a set with you will give you one less thing to worry about, pop them on for your flight with a travel pillow, sit back and relax. Again, you may not think a travel pillow will be needed, however I found mone to be a useful wedge when helping to get comfortable.

Remember these are all tips that I found worked for me, that I would have not considered before, everyone is different and always listen to your midwife, GP or health care provider if you have any concerns before jetting off.

Have you had any experiences of travelling while pregnant? I would love to hear them!


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